So Much Fun!

I’ve been spending a little time lately balancing out my life, so that genealogy isn’t the only thing I’m doing during my spare time. I tend to get into a zone where I concentrate on one thing for a time, then switch to something else for a time, and while that can be helpful, usually I end up feeling out of sorts, and like I’m really missing some of the other things I like to do, like read or knit or stamp some cards or solve a Sudoku puzzle. In particular, I’m in the midst of reviving my Stampin’ Up! business, and I haven’t spent hardly any time over the past week or so working on genealogy.

Because I’m mostly in a stage of data collection and verification, most of what I’m doing is just working on finding what I can find on This is primarily census records and whatever other typical records (like draft registration cards) turn up. So, yes, this is mostly about shaking leaves right now, but it’s not like I accept anything that turns up. I use my best judgment looking at all the other information I have before accepting a hint.

Besides the shaking leaves, though, I do my best to fill in the gaps the leaves sometimes don’t fill in for me. Maybe a census record doesn’t turn up automatically because of a typo or whatever; I track down as much as I can. And while maybe it isn’t terribly important for me to trace all the collateral relatives I run across, especially at this point, it might be one of the things I’m having the most fun doing. Whether the person I’m working on is my second cousin twice removed or the “mother-in-law of sister-in-law of 1st cousin 1x removed of husband of 2nd cousin 3x removed” (copied from someone I was working on today) doesn’t really matter to me; I’m just having so much fun collecting everything I can!

I’m really starting to hope that one day I can do this as my “day” job.  I’m trying to spend some of my time learning all I can, but I really need to figure out the next best step.

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