Presentation on BU Genealogical Studies Certificate Program

Yes, yes, you’re right. It has been over two months since I posted, and I can’t believe it either. There really is a good reason, something nongenealogy-related I’m dealing with (that I learned about the very day after my last post), but I’m hoping to get back into the genealogy swing soon.

Back before that happened, I had started the process of joining my local and the Second Life chapters of the Association of Professional Genealogists (I had joined APG itself back in August, if I recall correctly). I was asked to give a presentation to the SL chapter about the Boston University certificate program, a presentation which I greatly enjoyed putting together, and a lot of fun giving. It kind of made me wish I had some more presentations I could put together!

With no further ado, the presentation is below. This caveat is included within it, but please note that any opinions given are mine alone.