Hi there! I’m Kristie Strum, the daughter of a long-time genealogy researcher. I was recently bitten by the genealogy bug, and thought it would be fun, and perhaps even helpful, to write about my discoveries, frustrations, insights, and adventures. At some point I also plan to start writing up the stories from my family history.

It shouldn’t be too surprising that I was bitten by this bug, since I love doing other kinds of research and my mom has been steeping me in all of her research pretty much my entire life, but somehow I resistant to it for a long time.

Though my mom has done an enormous amount of work over the years, there’s always more to do, more to learn, more documents to procure. My hope is to share stories of what she and I find, provide the info we already have, share photos for family and others who may be interested, and maybe even help out others in their searches.

Somewhere along the line over the past few months I’ve decided that this genealogy thing is what I’d like to do full-time one day, so I’ll also be writing about the process of getting there.

The other pages are a work in progress, but will eventually contain the research that is already done for each family line, both for a record of the work done and also to help connect to others who may be looking into the same family lines. There will possibly also be a page for information we’re seeking or brick walls we’ve hit up against.


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  1. August 28, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    I, too, just recently started a gen blog to keep me on track and give me a way to tell my family our stories. I, too, live in the Twin Cities. I, too, wish you well on your journey and maybe, someday, our paths will cross.

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